Cannabis Auctions – South Africa

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Are you wanting to buy Cannabis plant material or extracts like Rosin.

Do you want to auction/sell off your Cannabis crop?

If the answer is yes you will first need to pay an annual membership fee which can be purchased here.

Purchasing an annual membership gives you access to the service offered.

All Cannabis plant material or extracts to be auctioned needs to have a valid COA (Certificate Of Analysis).

All bids can be done on the lot in the comment section, or via WhatsApp if you prefer to remain anonymous.

A seller may also set a reserve price for their lot.

The minimum amount which may be auctioned.

  • 100g of plant material or extracts (Shatter/Rosin/Hash).
  • 100ml of FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)/Crude oil etc.
  • 250 Cannabis seeds of the same variety, if a mixed lot you need to state mixed lot. Must also state if seeds are F1, F2, F3 etc.

Small scale rural farmers with 100kg or more can send a sample and Toxicity test and COA will be done for free.

Terms and conditions apply.

Other cannabis related products or services may also be auctioned but we reserve the right to approve what is auctioned.

Should you have any further questions please make use of the contact form below or WhatsApp 081 411 5496.


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