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Domain name

This prime domain is up for auction.

To bid comment below with your bid or if you want to remain anonymous WhatsApp your bid to 081 411 5496.

Auction will run until the 20th April 2020 or a desired bid has been reached.

Once payment has reflected for the winning bid a transfer ticket can be issued and will be accepted.

4 thoughts on “Domain name

  1. Sold.

  2. R4200

    1. “Highest” bid so far. And a fair price. Should you wish to conclude the auction kindly WhatsApp 081 411 5496 for the banking details and further instructions.

      1. Your bid is good until 11:59am today or until a higher bid is received at which point it will be posted here. If you decide to withdraw your bid then simply do not complete the transaction by said time. But I am glad you did bid as I wanted to point out that going forward with the platform, only REGISTERED members will be able to bid and/or auction lots. There will still be 3 OPEN auctions for public comment thereafter only paid up members will be able to bid or put up lots for auction. Memberships may be viewed at

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